Operation School Bell®


Kilohana Elementary School, Molokai - wearing our new school logo shirts.

OSB LaVonne and Cathy

We provide new school clothes to as many children as funds allow. Hundreds are left unserved.

More than 3,100 children enjoy new school clothes every year through Assistance League's signature program, Operation School Bell.

Appropriate school clothes, make it more likely that students will attend school regularly, feel more positive about themselves and do better in their studies.



These new clothes increase self-esteem and encourage regular school attendance.

Another way in which Assistance League provides school clothing to students is through an In-Store Student Shopping event. Students at selected Title I schools are invited by their principal and counselor to meet Assistance League members at a local retail store on a designated day and time, to select their own school clothing and shoes.  When the students reach the budgeted amount, Assistance League members help them through the check-out procedures and pay for their purchases. The children's joy and appreciation in getting new clothes to wear to school is heart warming to the Assistance League members. They gladly give their time and efforts to clothe young school children in the hopes of increasing student self-esteem and school attendance thereby increasing academic achievement.


Shoppers show off their new clothes courtesy Operation School Bell and Assistance League of Hawaii.

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