Donor Privacy Policies

Approved Sept 2012

This document sets forth the policy that Assistance League of Hawaii shall follow with respect to the contributions and privacy rights of donors as well as the responsibilities of the organization.

Unless otherwise provided below, this DONOR PRIVACY POLICY shall be provided to any donor upon request, and is available on the website:

Assistance League of Hawaii shall not distribute or sell the name of any donor to any individual or business. Assistance League of Hawaii shall not copy, reproduce, publish or post a donor's personal contact information or amount of any donation to any individual or business without the written consent of the donor. An exception shall be made where required by law and may be made without prior knowledge or consent of the donor.
Publications, promotional items and publicity of the chapter, referred to in this document, shall include but not be limited to the following: Brochure and Annual Report. Facebook, Chapter Webstie, Historian Book and Monthly Newsletter.

1. Any individual, corporation or business may make a contribution to the chapter. Donations may be monetary or in-kind. Gifts in-kind are non-cash donations such as: donated services from professionals, donated facilities and utilities, items donated for use at a fundraising event, equipment, land, buildings, etc. for use by the chapter, inventory and materials to be used for philanthropic programs, and goods/merchandise donated to the thrift shop.

2. A letter to the donor shall be sent from Assistance League of Hawaii acknowledging any cash contribution and amount of the donation to the chapter. The chapter will make every effort to acknowledge gifts-in-kind in writing.

3. The name and category of donations to Assistance League of Hawaii may be listed in documents viewed by members and nonmembers in such publications as are listed under the General Statements section above. A donor to Assistance League of Hawaii shall have the right to refuse the publishing of the donor's name. This shall be accomplished in the following way:

  • A). Assistance League of Hawaii publishes the names of the donors in it's  annual report. If the donor does not wish to have his/her name published, the donor shall check the appropriate box on a form to be provided by and returned to Assistance League of Hawaii.

This form is also available on the chapter's website.

  • B). There shall be a place for the donor's signatures and date of signing on the Assistance League of Hawaii form.
  • C). Assistance League of Hawaii is not required to send out an individual copy of the DONOR PRIVACY POLICY. However, when a nonmember or member of Assistance League of Hawaii makes a donation to the chapter, a complete copy of this policy shall be sent to the donor upon request. .
  • D). When any donation to the chapter is received without the Assistance League of Hawaii form, the chapter shall send the donor a notice that (s) he must inform the chapter in writing in order to be anonymous.

4. All donations shall be treated individually so that multiple donations from a single donor shall receive the same considerations as if each were the first donation received.

5. The authorization to release or refuse the listing of the name of the donor to Assistance League of Hawaii shall be in place for the fiscal year in which the donation is received and shall remain in effect for any publications that list donors to Assistance League of Hawaii for the fiscal year in which the donation is made. Any donation made to Assistance League of Hawaii in subsequent fiscal years shall require a new form to be signed in order to remain anonymous.

6.Assistance League Hawaii's Board and Treasurer who require access to the information may view the names of donors and amounts of donations.

A donor's photograph will not be used at any time or in any publications without the donor's consent. However, any adult who agrees to appear in a photograph, grants implied consent to publication. This implied consent shall apply to the name and likeness of the donor being published in the documents described in the General Statements section above as well as a description of the type of contribution given to the chapter. It is not necessary to obtain written or oral consent from individuals photographed in large crowds, and/or groups, if the photograph is taken at any event sponsored by the chapter.
In the case of a minor, written permission will be obtained from the parent, guardian or custodian.

All Financial records are maintained by Assistance League of Hawaii. The chapter shall keep all donor information in a secure location. Members of Assistance League of Hawaii Board may view information concerning donations. These individuals shall not disseminate this information for any reason without the prior written consent of the donor. The Treasurer shall keep this information in their respective chairman folders.
A printed copy of Assistance League of Hawaii's DONOR PRIVACY POLICY will be mailed to a donor upon request and is also available on the website

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