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Assistance League Hawaii collaborates with over 120 similar chapters across the United States and is a local chapter of National Assistance League®, a nonpolitical, nonsectarian, volunteer service qualified under IRS Code 501(c)(3). Our EIN is #23-7024314 (Form 990).  Each chapter can access many resources; educational materials, leadership training, program execution, information, brand recognition, retail practices, as well as a website operated by Highpoint Inc. 

What We Do is deliver five hands-on programs to schools, shelters, hospitals  - anyplace where young children and their families are in need, in trauma or in distress. This work is done by members, as is the funding of the work, which comes from the Thrift Shop on Young Street. Almost twenty-five thousand hours are donated by volunteer members each year. See details of ALH programs under Programs.

The main obstacle to our mission is inadequate funding.
To acquire more funds, we are placing more emphasis on name-recognition through social media, our website, and local community contacts. The goal is to position ourselves to be eligible for more funding through grants. Supporters and donors are listed on this website.  Presently, the primary source of funding is the Thrift Shop. Measures to increase profitability there are new outdoor signs, advertising with Constant Contact emails, and the introduction of many new retail practices. Results have been encouraging in all respects with sales numbers stable. However, meeting the needs of disadvantaged children and families in this community will require a marked increase over the funds that we are presently able to raise.

Our goals are reviewed annually in March by the entire membership.
Existing practices are re-evaluated at this time as well. A search is undertaken to identify more ways to increase productivity and efficiency in operations.

See Strategic Plan.

Comparing our results to other similar agencies: Unfortunately we do not have a parallel non-profit in Hawaii. We are unaware of any that are composed entirely of volunteers who are attempting to return over 65% of all income directly back to the community.

Turnover of board or employees:
Our board members, over many years, have proven to be insightful, energetic and reliable elected leaders. There are no employees or paid staff in this organization.

New Ideas and New People:

Both the board and the general membership of this organization warmly welcome new members. There are two new members on our Community Advisory Council this year, as well. Examining new ways of doing things is common practice, as is the practice of seeking out, and collaborating with every known resource in our community.

Efficient use of funds is confirmed with the recent accreditation by the Hawaii Better Business Bureau. We have returned more than 65% of the funds raised to the community in hands-on programs such as providing new clothing to disadvantaged school children.

Restructuring to become more profitable is not an option for us at this juncture. We are operating with no paid staff and financial donations from members have been maximized. Over 4% of our income is derived from member donations and dues. The Thrift shop provides over 81% of the revenue to fund our existing service programs. Successful grant applications and private donations appear to offer the most potential for acquiring enough financial support for at risk children and families.

Shared responsibility for management:A total of 33 volunteers share the management responsibility for this non-profit organization.      

Leaders for 2018-2019 Term

4  Community Advisory Council members

  • Leslie Wilcox - President and CEO of PBS Hawaii
  • Brooks, Jr. - Certified Property Manager
  • Andrew Salenger - Hawaii Attorney General
  • Ruth Silberstein - Complex District Area Superintendent, Hawaii Dept. of Education


Competitors comparison:There is no other non-profit that offers the services to the community that Assistance League of Hawaii delivers, with no paid staff.

We have been in Hawaii since 1971 and have been commended by municipal, state and federal representatives for the tireless service to the children and families of Hawaii.  Our objective is to help many more disadvantaged children on Oahu and neighbor islands. In order to do so, we will need a major infusion of funds.

To see Annual Report for Fiscal Year click HERE

There are thousands of at-risk children that need support during their early, formative school years. 
Their success at school profoundly impacts their future, and the future of Hawaii.
Our members are determined to find a way to support the efforts of these children.



Please help us. Make your donation to Assistance League today.

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